Minimal Footwear/Fittings

We carry a wide selection of minimal footwear options from athletic to business casual. Many of our customers are referred to us by local Naturopaths, Podiatrists, Physical Therapists and other Medical/Sports Specialists due to our unique selection of zero-drop/minimal footwear. We have been working with Northwest Foot & Ankle for the past 8 years fitting their clients with Correct Toe approved footwear.   

Eco-COnsious/Vegan Options: 

Our environmental footprint is important to us. We strive to find brands that give back to the community and environment, use sustainable and recycled materials in their products and care about how their products are manufactured. We carry a selection of Vegan options, which are labeled throughout the store.


We are a small woman run business established in 2007, with our doors opening in August of 2008.  Owner, Stacey, a NE Portland native, loves shoes and helping people change their foot health through minimal footwear. When she's not at the shop you may find her on the water paddle boarding, playing ukulele, or passionately supporting her favorite basketball team the Portland Trail Blazers (GO RIP CITY!).