Sustainable Ingredients



Environmental Benefits Criteria

Product Level

       Use of recycled material

        Use of naturally produced/renewable resources

        Use of non-toxic materials

        Use of 100% post consumer recycled foot forms and boxes and/or biodegradable shoe bags

        Use of ISO 14001 certified factories and tanneries

Corporate Level

      Use of 100% recycled paper and soy based inks for all printed media

        Purchase of carbon credits to offset a percentage of yearly carbon impact

        Use of wind power or purchase of wind power Green Certificates to match a % of yearly electrical usage

        After tax donations to organizations dedicated to caring for the planet

        Corporate environmental plan for continuous improvement of company wide processes, with a commitment       

        to strive to obtain 100% sustainability in corporate practices as well as in offered products

Social Benefits Criteria

        Locally made product, made in the USA

        Use of unionized labor

        Fair Trade Products

        After tax donations to organizations dedicated to caring for human rights

        Corporate commitment to practice the highest standards relating to human workers rights in all aspects of

        the supply chain.

Our brands support the following organizations:

Products sold at Pie Footwear meet one or more of our Sustainable Ingredients Standards.